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Submissions for "UNICORN" closed Dec. 15



SPECS Journal, 7th Issue: UNICORN

In a recent AWP panel submission, poet Minal Hajratwala proposed an intriguing theme: to write like a unicorn. A partial description of that topic is provided here with permission:

“to interrogate and integrate the continuum of human knowledge from fact to fantasy, bridging what Chippewa poet Kateri Menominee calls “the visceral gulf between history and imagination,” it is necessary to explore far and far-out reaches of imagination … through the unicorn image, developing methods to crack open language via prophecy, the body, and ways of teaching that honor the mystical fragment”

Though this panel was not chosen for the conference, SPECS supports its ideology and its mission. In our seventh issue, SPECS calls for work that reflects the UNICORN in myriad capacities. We want to question what it means to write like a unicorn; how the unicorn is concealed and exposed – in poetics, fiction, graphic art, and lyric essay. We want to know what the unicorn represents and how it fluctuates in cultural imagination. Submissions for the seventh issue will reflect on this topic, delving into the topography of the unicorn and presenting work that showcases it in fresh ways.


SPECS {specifications, speculations, spectacle . . . } is a journal that aims to produce a charged atmosphere around artistic and critical approaches. Hence, SPECS is willing to live in a constant state of flux, with the mission of propagating strange and involved sympathies between disparate genres and forms. We want to break down hierarchies between poems, fictions, and critical writing. We hope for seepages, warped conversations, and misappropriations between areas of content.

SPECS, a nonprofit journal for the arts, was founded in 2007 and is published annually. Funding is provided by Rollins College, in addition to sales and private contributions.